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DR. BITA YADIDI Beverly Hills, CA  

"In this fast paced world, the Inspiration Rising guided meditations are brief, yet powerful and effective. David's voice and background music are very soothing, and his meditations are easy to follow. Within a short period of time, you experience a sense of calm and centerdness. A wonderful way to introduce meditation for people on the go or who have a difficult time quieting the mind."

Dr. Bita Yadidi

SUSAN from Florida  

"I never thought I would be able to meditate, but the guided meditations we're so refreshing and easy to follow! They have given me so much peace of mind, body, and soul when I most needed it."

Susan - testimonial

JACQUI from Oregon  

"Doing this daily guided meditation has been life transforming for me! My mind gets very cluttered juggling work and family life. Taking that 5 minutes to just sit down, close my eyes and listen, has brought a new level of focus and energy I am loving. Thank you!"

Jacqui - testimonial