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An Inspiration Rising "Live" Podcast Recording Thursday, September 12, 2019 | Orange County, CA 

6:30pm - Check-in, Mingling, Organic Coffee & Tea 7:00-9:00pm - Live Podcast Recording with Inspiring Female Leaders 9:00-9:30pm - Book Signing & Mingling


Inspiration Rising "Live" Podcast Recording

INSPIRATION RISING is a podcast for women (and the men who support them) who are continually rising up in their life, love, and leadership. On Thursday, September 12th, join us for our first LIVE PODCAST RECORDING featuring engaging interviews with four inspiring female leaders from Southern California.

  • Be inspired by the soulful wisdom and heart-warming stories of four powerful women.
  • Connect with other women (just like you) who are looking for community and collaboration.
  • Enjoy organic coffee and tea.
  • Grab a swag bag with "An Unconventional Life" by Stacey Robbins, an exclusive rainbow wall art hanging by Andrea Luna Reece, and more. LIMITED TO THE FIRST 100 TICKET BUYERS!


For the first Inspiration Rising live podcast recording, we've invited four inspiring women (who are also dedicated moms and successful business leaders) to share on topics to which they have devoted their lives. Expect to walk away with inspiration in your heart, fresh ideas in your mind, and new friends that you'll want to have coffee with...again.

An Unconventional Life: Turning Your Dreams Into Realities

Stacey Robbins lives life by inspiration as an integrated wellness coach, speaker, and author of An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide, You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone, and Bloom Beautiful. She creates experiences through her international retreats and workshops, empowering women to live from what she calls their “Brave Soul Place.” Stacey resides in Southern California with her author, tech-geek, musician husband and their two amazing, curly-haired teenage sons. More info:

Book signing after podcast recording.

Balance Your Health, Master Your Life 

Dr. Bita Yadidi is a California Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine specializing in Preventative Medicine, a certified Chi Gong, Tai Chi & Meditation instructor and a certified Lifestyle Coach. She is an inspirational speaker sharing her knowledge & wisdom about conscious living and is a faculty member at Yo San University. Dr. Bita Yadidi, is the founder of Wellness To Be, an East-West Integrative Wellness Center in the heart of Beverly Hills, specializing in preventative and restorative health, with an emphasis of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. More info:

Raising Seven Kids While Fighting Violent Extremism

Kim DeAllen is Head of People Empowerment at Gen Next, an invitation-only organization of successful individuals dedicated to learning about and becoming engaged with the most pressing challenges facing future generations — including global security, education reform, and economic opportunity. Kim and her husband, Kevin, have seven children including two in college and five in elementary and preschool, and their weekends are filled with dance competitions, sporting events, birthday parties, and philanthropic passions. More Info:

Self-Care Through Daily Creativity

Andrea Luna Reece is a professional ceramics artist based in Costa Mesa, CA. She creates fresh, whimsical and modern handcrafted pieces out of clay using casting molds and by hand. Her work is carried in over 30 boutiques throughout the United States as well as her website. More Info:  

Beyond the Boobs: From Silicone Suffering to Sovereignty & Self Love

Diane Kazer

Diane Kazer is a Breast Implant Illness Warrior. She is the creator of CHI Hormone Warrior Transformation which offers women three pinnacles to wellness: "CLEANSE your body, HEAL your hormones, IGNITE your life", and she is one of Orange County’s top nutritionists and integrative health professionals. Though she has long been a visionary in the world of women’s health, for 10 years Diane was sick – really sick – and hundreds of thousands of women everywhere are going through the same illness right now.

A pro soccer player in her early 20s, and bikini competitor, Diane’s intense training kept her slim and toned – but flat-chested. Following breast implant surgery, she began to feel her body slowly change and spent years fighting mystery ailments. When she realized that the foreign material inside of her was toxic, and was slowly killing her, she took the necessary steps to remove them and regain optimal health. But she understood that explant surgery was only part of her journey, she needed to build an entire ecosystem of health around her that not only addressed the physical implications of both pre- and post-surgery, but also the mental and emotional implications – not the least of which is the deeply ingrained sense self-loathing that lead so many women to harmful cosmetic surgeries.

Knowing that there were hundreds of thousands just like her, women feeling isolated and alone as they fought Breast Implant Illness (BII), she added the T.I.T.S. Method into her CHI Program, which supports women with symptoms of the illness by addressing and reversing:  

• Toxicity • Infection • Trauma • Shame  

Through this approach, she assists others in remembering their divine purpose by activating and aligning their 4 Superpowers: Mind of the Sage, Temple of the Goddess, Spirit of the Unicorn, Heart of the Warrior. It is here where spirituality and self-love meet soul food and sisterhood, and it has empowered thousands of women to break free of the self-doubt that held them back and the cosmetic modifications that made them sick. More Info:

Hosted by David Trotter

David Trotter is a Launch Coach and Host of Inspiration Rising, a podcast for women (and the men who support them) who are continually rising up in their life, love, and leadership. 

For over 25 years, he’s helped people get unstuck, clarify their goals, and take their lives to the next level through his leadership, speaking, books, and filmmaking. After a decade in non-profit leadership, David has spent the last eleven years running a successful marketing business, producing/directing four award-winning feature films, and creating resources to make a positive impact on important social issues. 

David and his wife, Laura, have been married for 25 years and live with their two almost-grown children in southern California.

More info:



6:30pm - 7:00pm  

Check-in Swag Bag Pick-up Organic Coffee & Tea Mix & Mingle 

7:00 - 9:00pm  

Live Podcast Recording Raffle Drawing for Manna Kadar Beauty Gift Basket 

9:00 - 9:30pm  

Book Signing with Stacey Robbins Mix & Mingle 

Organic Coffee & Tea

The Lost Bean sources raw, 100% organic, fair-trade certified coffee beans from all over the world and roast them to perfection daily. Plus, they stock over 25 organic loose-leaf teas from all over the world, make their own chai blend for lattés, and offer flavorful fruity iced teas (unsweetened or sweetened). 

Swag Bag

First 100 registrants will receive a swag bag at the door that includes "An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide" by Stacey Robbins, an exclusive wall art rainbow by Andrea Luna Reece, and more!

Door Prize

We may draw your name for the Manna Kadar Beauty gift basket at the end of the evening!


Can I pay at the door? 

Yes, but tickets are only $20 online and $30 at the door. In other words, buy a ticket now.

Is this event appropriate for men or children?  

Men are definitely welcome, but we ask you to leave the kids at home for this evening. Topics (and language) may not be suitable for younger ears, plus the kid noises could be distracting for podcast listeners when the episodes air in the coming weeks.

Will this event be "live" on the Internet?  

Each interview will be released as a separate episode on the Inspiration Rising podcast in subsequent weeks, but the event itself will not be broadcast live.

Will there be more events like this?  

Maybe! If you and your friends enjoy this one, we'll definitely be open to hosting another live podcast recording.


  • THE LOST BEAN 3335 Susan Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626 714.884.3180

Free parking is available onsite.

  • EVENT INFO: 949.335.2925 

TICKETS - $20 each online

First 100 ticket buyers receive Swag Bag which includes "An Unconventional Life" by Stacey Robbins, an exclusive ceramic wall art rainbow by Andrea Luna Reece, and more. Don't wait and miss out! (Tickets are $30 at the door.)

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Inspiration Rising Live Podcast Recording - September 12, 2019
Inspiration Rising Live Podcast Recording - September 12, 2019